Revolutionising Customer Service: How Our Call Centre Earned Top Awards 

By Bazil Crowley

At SBS, we use AI and personalisation to deliver high-quality customer service. In this article, we will show how we use these technologies to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, as well as reduce costs and complexity. We will also show how we future-proof our customer service by using technology to anticipate and adapt to changing customer needs. 

How we use AI and personalization for customer service 

Customer service is a key factor for customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. However, it can be challenging to provide fast, efficient, consistent, and personalized service, especially in today’s competitive market. Customers expect to get the service they need, when they need it, and how they need it, regardless of the channel, device, or time they contact us. 

We use AI and personalization to enhance our customer service. AI helps us automate and streamline many customer service tasks, such as answering FAQs, providing information, resolving issues, and booking appointments. We use chatbots, voice assistants, and natural language processing to handle these tasks, which reduces the workload of our human agents and improves the speed and efficiency of our service. 

But we don’t rely on AI alone. We also use personalisation to tailor our service to each customer’s profile, preferences, and expectations. We use data from various sources, such as our CRM and behavioral analytics, to create customer segments and customise our communication, outcomes, and solutions for each segment. We also use omnichannel integration to create a seamless and consistent customer journey across different touchpoints, such as phone, email, chat, or web. By using AI and personalisation together, we can deliver a customer service that is not only fast, efficient, consistent, and scalable, but also personalised, empathetic, and human. This way, we can exceed our customers’ expectations and achieve higher customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Our Trustpilot score reflects this. 

How we use technology to future-proof our customer service 

We also use technology to ensure our customer service is robust and future-proofed. This means anticipating the changing needs and expectations of customers and adapting accordingly. Technology can help us with this by providing data insights, feedback mechanisms, and continuous improvement. For example, we use data analytics to monitor customer satisfaction, identify pain points, and discover new opportunities. We also solicit feedback from our customers through surveys, reviews, and social media. This helps us to understand what they value and what they want to improve. Finally, we use generative AI to test and optimize different scenarios, such as scripts, workflows, and interfaces. This allows us to experiment with new ideas and find the best solutions for our customers. By using technology to future-proof our customer service, we can ensure that we are always delivering the highest quality and staying ahead of the competition. 


AI and personalization are powerful tools to revolutionize customer service. They can help us provide fast, efficient, consistent, scalable, and personalized service that exceeds our customers’ expectations and increases their satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. They can also help us reduce the cost and complexity of traditional call centers and future-proof our customer service by using technology to anticipate and adapt to changing customer needs. At SBS, we are committed to using AI and personalization to deliver the best customer service possible.