British Insurance Awards


AI powered contact center

Using cutting-edge technologies and collaborating with AWS, we guarantee that customers are not kept waiting, even during peak periods, upholding our steadfast commitment to a personalised claims service, for over two decades.

Gen AI

We deploy generative AI extensively, from ‘smart call routing’ to automated call summaries and claim pathways.  This enhances our efficiency, enabling our Claims Handlers to focus on our customers and the assistance we can provide.


Pioneering software, identifying the lowest cost, like-for-like replacement products.  Our software is deployed across the leading UK home insurers, achieving the perfect balance of great customer outcomes and smart, cost-effective procurement strategies.

Customer Portals

Although we always try to keep the claims journey personal we do offer a number of self-serve solutions and portals to policyholders across all commodities. Track deliveries, upload proof of purchase or ask for a general update.

Fraud Detection

To counteract the risk of fraudulent or exaggerated claims, we integrate the latest AI technologies and Data Science into our Contact Centre operations, to identify inconsistencies, improbable scenarios and unusual claims data. This means we’re equipped to detect fraudulent cases promptly and effectively.


We are integration specialists and our software is integrated into the leading global insurance platforms and insurers. We are Guidewire Partner Connect Programme members and have integrations with Duckcreek and Corelogic. 

Diversity & Inclusion